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Cooperation| China Great Wall Industry Corporation Visited GDE for Strategy Cooperation Discussion Edit Date:2021/08/27

       From 22nd to 23rd July, Su Jinxin, Vice President of China Great Wall Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as: Great Wall company) and his delegation, visited GDE and join in a meeting for bilateral strategic cooperation in GDE conference room. Luo Jun, General Manager of GDE, and related leaders and department heads attended the meeting.

       Mr. Luo on behalf of GDE, showed the warm welcome to Mr. Su’s delegation and introduced GDE’s business development and the progress of early cooperation project between two parties. At the same time he expressed the determination and confidence for overseas market development, and was looking forward to a package of cooperative programs with Great Wall company. He hoped that mutual benefit and win-win cooperation could be achieved as soon as possible.

       General Manager Su of Great Wall Company spoke highly of GDE’s active cooperation in previous projects. Great Wall Company has cooperated with GDE in the early stage of industrial projects, such as Togo ketchup, ginger, hotel and Heilongjiang CBD etc. Mr. Su put forward the expectation that both sides will work together toward a common goal, and hoped to have deeper communication and cooperation with GDE in potential projects, and to promote deep integration and common development in related industries.

       Before the meeting, the leaders of Great Wall company visited GDE’s office and project exhibition hall, and had a deeper understanding of current situation and development process of GDE.

       It is known that Great Wall Company, founded in 1980, is a commercial organization authorized by the Chinese government to provide commercial launch, satellite system and engaged in space technology cooperation. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Limited and is committed to internationalization development of China aerospace, and system integration of space products and comprehensive services. Complete solutions for international launch services, on-orbit delivery of communication and remote sensing satellites, space infrastructure construction, import and export of components, international space cooperation, and commercial space integration services can be also offered by Great Wall company.

       After the meeting, Mr. Su, on behalf of Great Wall Company, presented Shenzhou spacecraft model to GDE, and Mr. Luo, on behalf of GDE, expressed heartfelt appreciation, and wished the cooperation between two parties to be going well, as higher, farther and stronger like Chinese spacecraft!